Schedule of Workshop

Schedule of Workshop
Schedule is subject to change.
Friday, November 13

Main auditorium    

08:30     Welcome (Ray Kozub, HRIBF Users Executive Committee Chair)
08:40     Welcome (Michele Buchanan, Director ORNL Physical Sciences
08:50     Welcome (Jim Beene, Physics Division and HRIBF Director)
09:00     HRIBF Upgrade Project (Jim Beene, Alan Tatum, Dan Stracener

10:45     Break

11:15     FRIB (Brad Sherrill)
11:45     Other ISOL facilities (Juha Äystö and/or Peter Butler)
12:15     Isotopes (Mike Saltmarsh)
12:40     Working group goals and schedules (Ray Kozub)

Breakout parallel sessions - rooms to be determined

13:00     Decay Spectroscopy, Reactions, Applications (Grab lunch and go to session)
15:15     Break (A bell will ring to let you know when ready)

17:30     In-beam spectroscopy, Astrophysics, Isol technology (Grab dinner and go to session)

21:30     Adjourn

Saturday, November 14

Breakout parallel sessions - rooms to be determined

8:30     Decay Spectroscopy, Reactions, Applications
9:30     In-beam spectroscopy, Astrophysics, ISOL technology

10:30     Break

Main auditorium

11:00     Session summaries

13:00     Lunch (provided by ORAU)

14:00     Close of workshop

Nuclear structure (decay pectroscopy)
Nuclear structure (in-beam spectroscopy)
ISOL Technologies

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