HRIBF Users Workshop
November 13-14, 2009

HRIBF Users Workshop
Dear HRIBF user,

The science of rare isotopes is blooming worldwide. With the FRIB on its way, the time has come for the HRIBF to better define itself in a new era. Now, as we have learned about the scope of the FRIB, we are in an excellent position to assess the unique scientific opportunities provided by the intense ISOL beams of the HRIBF for nuclear structure and reactions, nuclear astrophysics, and applications of nuclear science, and to thereby promote the complementary features the HRIBF has with the FRIB and other RIB facilities.

To this end, the HRIBF Users Executive Committee is calling a meeting on Friday and Saturday, November 13-14, 2009 at the Pollard Auditorium in Oak Ridge to inform the user community about a proposed new cyclotron driver to replace the ORIC (click here for a description). The primary goal of the meeting will be to develop a user-driven white paper that will contain a science case for a modern, reliable ISOL facility at ORNL. This meeting will also offer an opportunity to attract new users, especially in the context of the envisioned future GRETINA campaign at the HRIBF.

There will be introductory talks on Friday morning about the FRIB and various ISOL facilities. This will be followed on Friday afternoon and evening by parallel discussion sessions in working groups on nuclear structure (in-beam and decay), reactions, applications, astrophysics, and ISOL technology. The discussions should focus on the scientific strengths of HRIBF in the future FRIB era and on the research that can be done in support of FRIB science. The proposed HRIBF upgrade would result in new isotopic beams and an increase in RIB intensity, so new equipment necessary to take advantage of these improvements should also be covered in the discussions. The format of these break-out sessions is expected to be characterized primarily by detailed round table discussions built around the topics specified by the conveners, with few if any formal presentations. The conveners of these groups are being recruited from the user community, and they will be responsible for writing their respective sections of the white paper. In addition to the areas mentioned above, the final document will also include sections on the complementarity of FRIB-HRIBF science, FRIB-HRIBF instrumentation, the worldwide context of the proposed upgrade, education and outreach, and the relation to nuclear theory. Working groups will summarize their findings on Saturday morning.

More details about the HRIBF Users Meeting will be communicated via email and on the workshop's website: Meanwhile, if you have questions or suggestions concerning this meeting, please contact us. Your active participation is very important to the future of the HRIBF and its niche of ISOL/RIB physics in the U. S. We hope to see you there!


Ray Kozub, for the HRIBF Users Executive Committee

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