Notices from Equipment Conveners

Dear HRIBF Workshop participant,

There is no special equipment session at the workshop. Instead, one of the equipment conveners will attend the break-out sessions in order to gather the information about the equipment you need to conduct your research. We intend to work with a convener from each break out session in order to confirm equipment requirements from the session.

As HRIBF is a mature facility with established equipment, new ideas for additional equipment will have to be able to fit into the existing target rooms. As this may be difficult for large devices, modifications or removal of the existing equipment may be required.

For existing (or funded) equipment we require:
  a) that you indicate the level of support for existing hardware
  b) provide information on any changes to the equipment
  c) experiments which require this equipment

For new equipment ideas, we need
  a) equipment and footprint
  b) any unusual hazards or requirements
  c) experiments which require this equipment
  d) one summary slide for possible use in the equipment summary

We have made the following assignments:
   I-Yang Lee - Nuclear Structure (in-beam) and reactions
   Dave Morrissey - Nuclear Structure (decay) and astrophysics
   Robert Varner - Applications and Nuclear Structure (in-beam)
   Carl Gross - ISOL technologies and reactions

A member of our group will present the conclusions for each break out session on Saturday morning for your concurrance. A summary of all equipment requirements for the entire workshop will be given later in the day.

We look forward to hearing your ideas at the workshop,

I-Yang Lee (LBNL)
Dave Morrissey (MSU)
Robert Varner (ORNL)
Carl Gross (ORNL)

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