Notices for Nuclear Structure (decay spectroscopy)

Dear Workshop Colleagues,

The HRIBF Users Workshop on November 13-14 is being held to establish the scientific case for a modern, reliable ISOL facility at ORNL. The proposed upgrade for the HRIBF is to replace the ORIC with a C70 cyclotron driver. This new driver for the facility will provide a significant boost in the production rates as well as a much more reliable system. The information gleaned from the meeting will be used to produce a white paper stating the advantages of this upgrade to the scientific community.

On Friday afternoon we will be breaking into parallel sessions to discuss future experimental plans at the upgraded HRIBF. The goal of the breakout sessions is to provide the conveners with enough material to write the scientific case for the cyclotron driver upgrade. The white paper will focus on the scientific strengths of HRIBF in the future FRIB-era and what research can be done in support of FRIB science. New equipment necessary to take advantage of the expected increase in RIB intensity and the many new isotopic beams to be available will also be considered.

We are writing as the organizers for the breakout session entitled Nuclear Structure "Decay Spectroscopy". This session will start on Friday at 1:00 pm and end at about 5:00 pm, and be followed by another set of breakout sessions. We will regroup at 8:30 am on Saturday morning to summarize our findings which will be presented to the whole workshop audience in the close-out session at 11:00 am. The session will be split into three segments of about equal length covering the general ideas of

  1. Theoretical motivation
  2. New decay spectroscopy research at an upgraded facility
  3. New equipment/instrumentation for decay spectroscopy
We already have a fairly full session planned with some time for discussion, but want to be open to others who might want to make a contribution. We ask people who are interested in making a short five minute presentation in the Friday Nuclear Structure "Decay Spectroscopy" session to let us know as soon as possible by replying to this message. Once we have our schedule finalized, we will send out a copy of the program.

More details about the workshop, including links to the updated neutron-rich beam list, workshop schedule, and registration list may be found at:

Very best regards,

Robert, Krzysztof and Jeff

Robert Grzywacz, U. Tennessee
Krzysztof Rykaczewski, ORNL
Jeff Winger, Mississippi State

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