Notices for Applications

The Applications session will begin at 13:00 on Friday 13th with lunch, and finish by around 17:00. A summary of the session will be presented to the entire workshop audience on Saturday. The Applications session will consist of short presentations followed by discussion time. The topics of discussion include:
  • Production of Isotopes with the C70
  • Isotopes needs in USA
  • Report on Symposium on Accelerators for America's Future
  • Medical Isotopes and RIB facilities
  • Needs for Tritium Beams in Fusion Program and Nuclear Physics
  • Opportunities at HRIBF (Accelerator Mass Spectrometry, Tritium acceleration)
  • Needs for detection of 3He at ultra-low levels for Fundamental Physics at SNS
  • Reactions on unstable nuclei (e.g. surrogate reactions)
  • Secondary Particle Production and Transport by High Energy Heavy Ions
  • Emission Channeling
  • Neutron cross sections on long-lived fission fragments
Contributed short presentations are welcomed, as well as active participation in the discussions. We look forward to your involvement in this session.

Mike Saltmarsh, ORNL
Jutta Escher, LLNL
Alfredo Galindo-Uribarri, ORNL

More details about the workshop, including links to the updated neutron-rich beam list, workshop schedule, and registration list may be found at:

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