Transfer Reactions Workshop Program

      Friday, June 21

      8:00- 8:30  Registration
      8:30-10:40  Plenary Session (Cizewski, Rutgers)
                    Welcome (Bertrand, Director, Physics Division, ORNL)
                    Purpose and Scope of Workshop (Nazarewicz, ORNL)
                    Transfer Reactions -- The Other Side of 
                       Nuclear Structure (Schiffer, ANL)
                    Transfer Reactions in Inverse Kinematics --
                       An Experimental Overview  (Catford, Surrey)
     10:40-11:00  Break
     11:00-12:15  Reactions I (Parker, Yale)
                    The ANC technique versus spectroscopic factors 
                       (Mukhamedzhanov, TAMU)
                    Determination of the S17 and S18 astrophysical 
                       factors from transfer reactions and from the 
                       breakup of 8B and 9C at intermediate energies
                       (Trache, TAMU)
                    Proton transfer in inverse kinematics (Blackmon, ORNL)
     12:15- 1:15  Lunch
      1:15- 2:30  Reactions II (Keeley, FSU)
                    One neutron-removal reactions as a spectroscopic 
                       tool (Jones, GSI)
                    The (3He,p) reaction to study np pairing in 56Ni
                       (Macchiavelli, LBNL)
                    Neutron transfer (Cizewski, Rutgers)
      2:30- 3:00  Break
      3:00- 4:30  Equipment & Experimental Techniques I (Greife, Mines)
                    HRIBF beams (Stracener, ORNL)
                    HRIBF equipment (Gross, ORNL)
                    The STARS array (Bernstein, LLNL)
                    Gamma detection (Radford/Liang, ORNL)
      4:30- 5:30  General Discussion

      Saturday, June 22

      8:00- 8:30  Coffee
      8:30- 9:45  Equipment and Experimental Techniques II (Berstein, LLNL) 
                    ASIC electronics for strip detectors (Britton, ORNL)
                    Windowless gas targets (Greife, Mines)
                    An extended gas target for transfer reactions 
                       (Maier, ORNL)
      9:45-10:15  Break
     10:15-12:30  Working Session (Kozub, TTU) 
                    Summary (Baktash, ORNL)