SNS neutrinos

Workshop on Neutrino Studies at the SNS

An informal workshop on the construction of a facility to measure neutrino-nucleus cross sections at the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) was held August 28-29, 2003 at the Physics Division of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  The workshop included overview talks on the motivations for studying neutrino-nucleus interactions, the results of previous studies, and the capabilities of the SNS for performing such experiments.  Many shorter presentations focused on particular physics topics or experimental technqiues.  There was also a tour of the SNS site, two parallel sessions of working groups, and a group dinner at the Riverside Tavern.  Over 50 scientists attended and engaged in lively discussions about the exciting possibilities for neutrino studies at the SNS. 

The Workshop Program is available here, with links to some of the interesting presentations.

The announcement for the workshop is also available online.

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