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First Announcement
Workshop on Neutrino Studies at the SNS

This is the first announcement for an informal workshop on the construction of a facility to measure neutrino-nucleus cross-sections at the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS). The workshop will be held August 28-29, 2003 at the Physics Division of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The registration deadline is August 13, 2003. Information about the workshop will be distributed through the website, including meeting registration and information on the location and lodging. A brief document that details the scope of the proposed facility and measurements is also available.

The SNS, which is planned to begin operation in FY 2006, will be the world’s premier spallation neutron facility. Neutrons will be produced by reactions of a 1.1 mA beam of 1.3 GeV protons on a mercury target. In the neutron production process medium energy neutrinos are produced through the decay of stopped mesons. We believe the flux of neutrinos (~1.6 X 10 7 /s/cm2 at a radius of 21 meters, an order of magnitude more than any existing facility) will be more than adequate to provide for a major program of neutrino-nucleus cross section measurements. We have identified a location on the floor of the SNS experimental hall that is of adequate size to hold a shielded enclosure with two large (ten ton) neutrino detectors. The location has been given preliminary approval by SNS management.

We believe it is time to form a collaboration of interested researchers to begin the process of establishing a long-term research program and writing a proposal for funding of the neutrino facility. It is envisioned that the neutrino facility will be operated as a user facility with experiments selected by a Program Advisory Committee.

The Workshop will consist of a few overview talks on the SNS neutrino capability and the motivation for making neutrino-nucleus cross section measurements. We will be pleased to accept contributions for 15-minute talks on specific measurement ideas. The remainder of the Workshop will be devoted to detailed discussion of detectors, physics, and creation of a writing committee for a funding proposal.

If you are interested in attending the Workshop, please fill out the registration form on the web. There is no registration fee and lunches will be provided. Part of the registration information is needed for entry to ORNL. If you are a Foreign National interested in attending the Workshop it is necessary to provide us a minimum of two weeks to process your entry approval.

The University of Tennessee is sponsoring the Workshop.  Please do not hesitate to contact the organizers or the conference secretary (listed below) if you have any questions.

Partial List of Workshop Organizers
Vince Cianciolo (
Yuri Efremenko (
Fred Bertrand (

Conference Secretary
Sherry Lamb (

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