DFT-UNEDF Workshop

Determination of the Nuclear Energy functional:
Optimization Strategy, Essential Experimental Data and Chi-Squared Metrics

Joint Institute for Heavy Ion Research, ORNL,
Oak Ridge, TN-37831, USA
January 22, 2008

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The DFT-UNEDF meeting will be held at the Joint Institute for Heavy Ion Research, Bldg. 6025, at Oak Ridge National Laboratory on Tuesday, January 22, 2008. The meeting will be followed by the JUSTIPEN/LACM meeting on January 23-25, 2008.

The Universal Nuclear Energy Density Functional (UNEDF) is a nuclear theory SciDAC project. Its goal is to develop theory of nuclei and their low-energy reactions to a qualitatively new level of accuracy and reliability. It was recognized that the Density Functional Theory (DFT) would be the only possibility to meeting these goals. The mission of the project is:
The aim of the January meeting organized by the UT/ORNL theory group is to prepare the development of the next generation of functionals by discussing various aspects pertaining to the optimization of the EDF. In particular we would like to address the following questions:
The meeting is meant to be very informal with 2-3 introductory talks followed by a round-table discussion.

Practical Information

There is no charge to attend the meeting. If you wish to participate, please do send an email to the JIHIR secretary Sherry Lamb with a copy to Nicolas Schunck and indicate the expected dates of your stay and whether you have any special requirements.

In order that you get access to ORNL, we will need the following information:

US Citizens Non US visitors

Dates of visit
Social security number
Complete name (including middle)
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Dates of visit
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Country of birth
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Passport number and expiration date
Copy of passport information sent as email attachment

We have a limited budget to support the meals as well as lodging/travel of some participants. Let us know if you need financial support.

Note that on Monday, January 28, R. Furnstahl from Ohio State University will give a physics colloquium at the University of Tennessee at 3:30pm.

A block of 25 rooms has been reserved for the UNEDF and Justipen meetings at the Comfort Inn, Oak Ridge. Rates are $79 per night, continental breakfast included. Guests should make their own reservation by calling 1-865-481-8200 or emailing orcomfortinn@yahoo.com and requesting a room within the block titled JUSTIPEN/DFT-UNEDF. Unused rooms will be released on January 14th to the general public.

Travel information
Knoxville McGhee-Tyson Airport has rather good connections with many major international US airports such as Atlanta, Chicago O'Hare, Detroit, Washington Dulles, etc.

To get from the airport to ORNL: Please note that Tennessee in general, and the Knoxville area in particular, lacks of any kind of public transportation. We strongly advise you to rent a car. The following car rental companies have a desk at Knoxville airport: Avis, Enterprise, Alamo, and Budget.

Important security information
All visitors to Oak Ridge National Laboratory will be required to go to the Visitor Center to obtain their badge for site access. The whole process can take some time, we advise you to arrive early the first day of the meeting so that you have time to complete the procedure.

Participants (as of )

1. A. Afanasjev
2. K. Bennaceur
3. C. Bertulani
4. A. Brown
5. G. Colo
6. D. Dean
7. J. Dobaczewski
8. Y. Enyo
9. P. Fallon
10. R. Furnstahl
11. B. Gebremariam
12. P.-H. Heenen
13. T. Kawano
14. A. Kerman
15. P. Kluepfel
16. N. Itagaki
17. M. Ito
18. T. Lesinski
19. M. Matsuo
20. K. Matsuyanagi
21. P. Möller
22. J. Moré
23. N. Michel
24. N. Nikolov
25. T. Nakatsukasa
26. H. A. Nam
27. W. Nazarewicz
28. T. Otsuka (to be confirmed)
29. J. Pei
30. M. Ploszajczak
31. H. Sagawa
32. J. Sarich
33. N. Schunck
34. S. Shlomo
35. M. Stoitsov
36. J. Terasaki
37. I. Thompson
38. T. Uesaka
39. U. Utsuno
40. J. Vary
41. E. Vigezzi


Name Title of Contribution File
A. Brown Strategies for Extracting Optimal Effective Hamiltonians for CI and Skyrme EDF Applications
J. Dobaczewski Spectroscopic-Quality Energy Density Functional and How to Get There

Choice of Experimental Observables
Name Title of Contribution File
A. Afanasjevs Terminating States: Can They Be Used to Constrain DFT ? Afanasjevs.pdf
G. Colo
Constraints from Collective States
P. Kluepfel Best Mean-Field Nuclei for Fits
P. Kluepfel
Fitting Strategies
H. Sagawa Constraints to Universal Energy Density Functionals by Giant Resonances Sagawa.ppt
N. Schunck Large Deformations in DFT Fits Schunck_1.ppt
N. Schunck Quasi-particle Spectra in DFT Fits Schunck_2.ppt
J. Terasaki QRPA Calculation in Fitting Process of Functional Terasaki.ppt
J. Vary Ab-initio calculations with an external field - initial results Vary.ppt

Minimization and Algorithms
Name Title of Contribution File
K. Bennaceur Stability Criteria for Skyrme Energy Functionals Bennaceur.pdf
J. Moré (1) Validation of Models More_1.pdf
J. Moré (2) Parameter Estimation in Nuclear Fission More_2.pdf
T. Lesinski Minimization Algorithms for Local and Global Minima Search Lesinski.pdf


Local Organizing Committee Administrative information
David Dean
Witek Nazarewicz
Thomas Papenbrok
Nicolas Schunck
Mario Stoitsov
Sherry Lamb

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