HRIBF Workshop
In-beam Gamma-ray Spectroscopy
April 5-7, 2004

The Program (pdf) of the workshop is now available.
The Holifield Radioactive Ion Beam Facility (HRIBF) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) is planning a workshop on in-beam gamma-ray spectroscopy, to be held at ORNL, April 5-7, 2004. The purpose of this workshop is to bring together those interested in doing in-beam gamma-ray experiments at the HRIBF, to acquaint them with HRIBF capabilities for such experiments, and to address the facility's need to map out its gamma-ray detector requirements for the rest of the decade. In particular, we are currently exploring the possibility of siting GAMMASPHERE at the HRIBF. In this regard, we are actively seeking input from the users of the HRIBF and of GAMMASPHERE concerning the exciting physics that this would offer, as well as any potential adverse effect on other research programs due to a reduced emphasis on stable-beam operation of GAMMASPHERE.

The recent production and acceleration of intense, neutron-rich radioactive ion beams (RIBs) at the HRIBF has yielded interesting results in the Coulomb excitation of these beams. Single-nucleon transfer reactions from light ions have been shown to populate excited states using RIBs. HRIBF has an extensive arsenal of in-beam gamma-ray detectors that are used for these experiments. The central germanium detector array is CLARION, which consists of 11 segmented Clover detectors. In addition, experiments have been carried out using the ORNL-MSU-TAMU Barium Fluoride Array, and we anticipate in the near future to reinstate the Spin Spectrometer, a 4pi array of 70 NaI detectors. An upgrade of CLARION by the addition of up to six Clovers is under active consideration. The possible coupling of RIBs and GAMMASPHERE (9% efficiency at 1.33 MeV) would greatly enhance our high-resolution gamma-gamma detection capabilities and should provide opportunities to do much more detailed studies of nuclei far from stability.

At this time, we envision a mixture of overview talks, contributed talks, and working sessions that will target specific issues or types of experiments. We welcome your suggestions, both for topics that should be discussed and for speakers for the overview talks. Further, if you would like to make a short contributed presentation that addresses a specific technical topic, please provide more information on the registration form.

There will be no registration fee for the workshop, and lunches will be provided.

Important Dates

Registration deadline March 17 (non-citizens)
March 26 (citizens)
Hotel guaranteed rates ($55 + tax) March 13 (Jameson); March 15 (Comfort)
Workshop April 5-7

Oak Ridge Area Accommodations - Mention HRIBF Workshop

Comfort Inn 433 S. Rutgers Avenue 1-800-228-5150 1-865-481-8200 $55 + tax until March 15
Jameson Inn 216 S. Rutgers Avenue 1-800-526-3766 1-865-483-6809 $55 + tax until March 13

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