HRIBF Workshop Registration: Fusion-Fission

Welcome to the on-line registration form for HRIBF Workshop Registration: Fusion-Fission. This is a secure document; your browser should indicate this by a closed padlock icon. Receipt of your registration will be confirmed via email prior to the workshop.

You are expected to provide for your own travel and hotel reservations. Limited space is available in the dormitory. We ask for a contribution of 20 USD (cash only) to offset the costs of lunches and coffee breaks.

If you wish to present something, send a 1-page abstract (pdf) to Dan Shapira at

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U.S. Citizens August 29
Citizens from other countries August 5

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As a consequence of the strong magnetic and rf fields present at the HRIBF, there are some potential health hazards associated with visiting Building 6000 where the accelerators are housed. If you wear a pacemaker for your heart, please inform us prior to your visit.

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You must also fax us a copy of the page in your passport which contains your name, place of birth, etc. Often, passports which have dark or colored backgrounds do not fax well. In these cases, you will be asked to scan your documents and send them as an email attachment to Ms. Sherry Lamb at
Our fax number is +1-865-576-5780.

Please review all the information above and, if correct, submit the form.

For more information or assistance, please contact the Workshop Contact.

This information was last updated on May 6, 2005 .