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Sorry for the extra e-mail. It was pointed out that I forgot to specify the seminar location: the building 6000 conference room (across from the Division office).


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Hi All -

We will have the next installment in our irregular brown bag lecture series this Friday at noon. Title and abstract below.

Looking forward to seeing you there. And, as always - if you would like to give a brown bag seminar and advertise your work to your colleagues, just let me know!

High-resolution soft X-ray measurements with a microcalorimeter at MIRF
Ruitian Zhang, Physics Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, USA
The soft X-ray band has several unique features, for example, it is the "key" component of the astrophysics gas emitting systems with high radiative decay rates and rich discrete structure making it a very important tool for astronomy. With the aid of laboratory simulations, a considerable amount of soft X-ray emission was confirmed to be due to charge exchange between solar wind ions and neutrals in astrophysical context. This is not only providing details of the astrophysical plasma environment, but also testing our understanding of the charge exchange process.  However, experimental data with high-resolution is sparse.
Using both beam-gas and a merged-beam techniques at the ORNL Multicharged Ion Research Facility (MIRF) we are measuring total cross sections and X-ray emission following charge exchange between highly charged ions and neutrals including ground state H.  A high-resolution X-ray quantum microcalorimeter (XQC) will be mounted on the current merged-beam line. The combination of high-resolution XQC and a merged beam technique makes important benchmark measurements with neutral H atom possible. The success of this experiment depends on achieving 10-14 Torr vacuum inside a 4mm dia 24 cm long tube where the beams will be merged.  Our measurements test the current ion atom charge exchange theory models and provide the stringent data for modeling the diffusive X-ray emission in Astrophysics.

Vince Cianciolo
Group Leader, ORNL Neutron Physics

Bldg. 8630, Rm. A-109
Oak Ridge National Lab
Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6453

O: 865-574-4712
C: 865-254-0876

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