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Hi All -

Just a quick reminder - Mike Febbraro will be giving the next installment in our brown bag seminar series, today, at noon in the 6025 large seminar room. Title and abstract are below. Hope to see you there!


Title: Development of neutron detectors for a new era of nuclear physics and applications
Abstract: New types of neutron detectors and detection techniques are needed to meet the current demand for neutron spectroscopy capabilities for nuclear physics measurements. The (d,n) and (3He,n) transfer reactions for the study of protons states as well as detection and identification of special nuclear material (SNM) are two prime example of this.  In the field of low-energy nuclear physics, the low intensity associated with radioactive ion beams (RIB) places additional constraint on the types of neutron detectors and the means for which they are used.  Billion-dollar next-generation RIB facilities are being built, but we're still set to use ~50 year-old neutron detector technology. This presentation will discuss some of the challenges and possible solutions associated with modern neutron spectroscopic needs for nuclear physics measurements and applications. These include cases where neutron time-of-flight (n-ToF) measurement is possible and cases in where it isn't such as many high current accelerators used in nuclear astrophysics and detection and identification of special nuclear material. The development a new array of position-sensitive bar-type liquid scintillator detectors filled with in-house made liquid scintillator for neutron time-of-flight measurements (n-ToF), and special class of deuterated liquid scintillators which can extract neutron spectra without the use of n-ToF measurement, will be shown.  In addition, experimental results from measurements of discrete and continuous neutron spectra which illustrate the advantage of these detectors for certain applications in nuclear physics research and homeland security will be discussed.

Vince Cianciolo
Group Leader, ORNL Neutron Physics

Bldg. 8630, Rm. A-109
Oak Ridge National Lab
Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6453

O: 865-574-4712
C: 865-254-0876

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