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Fri Jun 10 10:43:53 EDT 2016

Hi All -

Please accept my profuse apologies for the last-minute notice, but today is the day for monthly brown-bag seminar! Nathan Callahan will be presenting at 12 noon in the building 6000 conference room. Title and abstract below.

Hope to see you there!


Title: Measuring the Neutron Lifetime with the UCNtau Magneto-Gravitational Trap

Abstract: The UCNtau experiment, currently installed at Los Alamos Neutron Science Center, measures the neutron lifetime by trapping Ultracold Neutrons (UCN). The Neutron Lifetime is a source of uncertainty in Big Bang Nucleosynthesis predictions of the primordial helium abundance and can be used to constrain CKM matrix unitarity. The UCNtau experiment uses a Halbach Array of permanent magnets to create a magnetic field capable of confining UCN from below and above by gravity. An In-Situ detection scheme is used to measure the UCN population and gives information about the spectral density. The goal is for a ~1s statistical precision measurement of the neutron lifetime.

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