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Hi All -

Jirina Stone is hosting a Nuclear Physics seminar at UT next Monday. Since this seems like it would be of interest to folks here I'm forwarding the information to this list (see below).


The next nuclear physics seminar on Monday, February 15. Nielsen 304 at 2:20 pm  will be given by Anthony Thomas of the University of Adelaide, Australia and Jefferson Lab about the role of quarks and gluons in a new approach to understanding binding of atomic nuclei.

Anyone who would like to meet with the speaker should contact Jirina Stone at: jirina.stone at physics.ox.ac.uk<mailto:jirina.stone at physics.ox.ac.uk>

Title: The role of quarks and gluons in nuclear binding: a deeper understanding of nuclear structure

Abstract: The fundamental theory of the strong force in QCD, with quarks and gluons the relevant degrees of freedom. Since the discovery of the neutron the standard approach to nuclear structure has been to calculate nuclear properties using many-body theory with the protons and neutrons as the elementary degrees of freedom. While this has proven extremely successful, at a deeper level one might ask whether the structure of the clusters of quarks and gluons that we call nucleons might not be altered by immersion in a nuclear medium. We explain why this should indeed be the case; how this might allow us to derive more fundamental effective forces and finally how one might test this idea experimentally.

Speaker's brief CV:

Education:    D.Sc. The University of Adelaide -1986
                       Ph.D. Flinders University of South Australia -1974
                       B.Sc. (Hons) Flinders University of South Australia (University Medal) - 1971

Positions:   Associate Director and Director of the Adelaide Node of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Particle Physics
                  at the Tera-scale - from January 2011

                   Australian Laureate Fellow and Director of the Centre for Complex Systems and the Structure of Matter at the University of

                   Adelaide - from November 2009

                   Chief Scientist, Jefferson Lab, Newport News, VA, 2004 -2009

                   Associate Director for Theoretical and Computational Physics, Jefferson Lab, Newport News, VA, 2004 - 2009

                   Governor's Distinguished CEBAF Professor, College of William and Mary VA, 2004-2009

                   Director, ARC Special Research Centre for the Subatomic Structure of Matter, Adelaide, Australia, 1997 - 2004; 2009 -

Awards:     2014 South Australian Scientist of the Year
                   2009 ARC Australian Laureate Fellow
                   2009 Appreciation Award : presented by W F Brinkman, Director of the Office of Science, US Department of Energy

Publications:   A total of over 500 scientific articles published in refereed books or journals with more than 19,000 citations on HEP-SPIRES

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