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Hi Everyone -

There is a training session occupying the 6025 conference room. I've decided not to put up a fight despite the fact that I have the room reserved and they don't. This means today's seminar will be held in the BUILDING 6000 Conference Room (room 233).

If you don't have building 6000 training you will be unable to come in on your own. I will wait at the door until 12:15 - if you get to the door after that and can't get call me on my cell (865-254-0876). My apologies for any inconvenience.


Title: Overview of ORNL Radiation Detection Instrumentation Development for National and Homeland Security

Abstract: The events of 9/11 have triggered an expansion of the role of radiation detection in national and homeland security. Ionizing radiation is ubiquitous in the environment and easily detected. The challenge is separating items of interest from background or non-interesting items. A common thread in most of the measurement solutions developed by ORNL's Nuclear Material Detection and Characterization Group (NMDC) is that significant processing is required to extract the useful information from the raw data.  We seldom have "peaks" on a "background". The raw data often looks like noise, and time and spatial correlations are used to extract the information. This presentation will provide an overview of the detection systems and techniques developed by NMDC with a focus on those with a high "physics" content. These include 3D event localization in bulk scintillator crystals, fusion of video with gamma-ray imaging to create a portal-less portal monitor, fast neutron coded aperture imaging, induced fission imaging, and elastic scatter imaging.

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