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A reminder that there will be a brown bag seminar today at noon in the 6025 conference room.


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Hi All,

Another try following last month's aborted attempt...

Last year I organized a monthly series of "brown-bag" seminars as an informal setting for folks within the Physics Division to let others know about what they were working on. We sort of lost momentum, but I'd like to try to start these up again. These seminars will be held in the 6025 conference room - as the name implies, feel free to bring your lunch.

David Bowman has graciously agreed to give the first seminar this Friday (2/20) at noon - title and abstract below.

If you are interested in giving a seminar in the future, please drop me a line.



"Search for Time Reversal Symmetry Violation in Compound-Nuclear Resonances"

David Bowman

Parity violating asymmetries as large as 10% have been observed in CN resonances. The ratio of the weak to strong interactions is ~10^-7. The small level spacings and large ratios of L=0 to L=1 neutron scattering amplitudes are responsible for the amplification of asymmetries by 10^6. I argue that the same amplification applies to time reversal asymmetries. An experiment using a water moderator at SNS could search for TR symmetry violation with a sensitivity 100 times better than existing limits.

ORNL and U South Carolina sponsored a workshop at The Amherst Center for Fundamental Symmetries. The discussions at the workshop will be reviewed, and the path forward for planning an experiment and a funding proposal will be presented.

The remaining theoretical work will be to apply and test the statistical theory of parity violation in CN resonances to the 80 resonances where PV has been observed, and to apply the same theory to TR in order to quantify the extraction of the strength of a TR interaction from measurements of TR in CN resonances.

Vince Cianciolo
Building 8630, Room A-127
Oak Ridge National Lab
Oak Ridge, TN, 37831-6453

(865) 574-4712
(865) 254-0876 (cell)

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