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?Matthias Schindler from the University of South Carolina is giving a friendly overview of the theory of symmetry-violating nuclear forces for our brown bag seminar tomorrow at noon in the building 6000 conferenc?e room.

Hope to see you there!

Title: Symmetry-violating nuclear forces: an overview

Abstract: A variety of experiments using nucleons and nuclei are searching for the nonconservation of fundamental symmetries such as parity (P) and time reversal invariance (T). The theoretical analysis and interpretation of these measurements requires an understanding of the forces between nucleons, including P- and T-violating nucleon-nucleon interactions. Different approaches, including meson-exchange models like the DDH model in the case of P violation and effective field theories, have been used to describe these kinds of interactions. I will give an informal introduction to these approaches and how they are related to each other. ?


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