ORNL Physics Division
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Build on ORNL strengths to perform outstanding science for the Nation

Fundamental Symmetries
  • Where is the antimatter? (nEDM)
  • What is the New Standard Model? (neutrinos)

Nuclei: from Structure to Exploding Stars
  • Properties of Neutron Rich Nuclei
  • Discovery and Physics of Super Heavy Elements
  • Stellar Reactions and implications
  • World-leading theory program

Probing matter of the early Universe
  • Properties of the quark gluon plasma

Isotope R&D and Production (NP program)
  • Nuclear isotopes for research, industry, and medicine
  • Operate our experimental facilities in the most cost-efficient, safe, and productive manner possible
  • Safety
  • Ensure the safety of our Staff, Guests, and Visitors as they work to meet their research mission
  • Respect the environment