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Division Operations

Online Procurement Process

This form is provided for members of the Physics Division to make purchase requests.
Access to this page is restricted to the computers within the Physics Division.

Before you Purchase something

For a list of free chemicals and other hazardous materials, see the ORNL Chemical Management Center. There is much surplus property available in the eProp system.

Also, check to see if any of the materials you are acquiring require special inspection,

Using the online purchase request form

  • The form should be completed fully. After the first time, the system will remember your personal information and should fill in that part of the form automatically.

  • If a required field is not filled in, you will be informed when you try to submit it. The form will not be accepted until all required fields arecompleted.

  • If the net cost exceeds the limit, often around $1000, at which your manager requires you to seek approval, the requisition will be held for approval. If more than one approver is available for your account, select the appropriate approver from the list on the second page of the form. An Email message will be sent to your selected approver, asking him to approve or disapprove the request it at the web site. If your approver is not around to approve,contact a procurement specialist. The requisition will not be fulfilled until the approval is received.

  • At the bottom of the form, pull down the menu to select the procurement specialist you want to fulfill the request.

  • If you are purchasing chemicals or raw materials please review the instructions for hazardous materials. and please indicate any special conditions on the form!

  • N.B. For members of crafts divisions working within the Physics Division:
    • You may place Marketplace orders directly with a procurement specialist, as you always have.
    • If you are doing work for outside the division, and need to place an order in excess of $1,000, please use Richard Bowman as the approver.

Hints on effective use of the online purchase request form

  • To use this form you, should be able to use any web browser. Please email us if you have trouble using a particular browser.

  • Enter your Physics Division email name which is usually your last name only with some exceptions. See the Physics Division Staff email and phone list.

  • When reviewing any of the WWW url links from within the form, select back to return to the form. (All information will be lost if you fail to use the "Back" button)

  • Credit card orders are limited to $2,500. (Before entering an order over $2,500, call your procurement specialist).

After your purchase arrives

The ORNL Procurement Quick Report gives employees the opportunity to report and resolve procurement problems. If you have a problem with a procurement such as incorrect material, damaged material, missing items, problems with the vendor or problems with procurement personnel, feel free to submit one of these reports. If you submit a Quick Report, please provide a copy to one of the Physics Division procurement specialists.

Submit a Purchase Requisition

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