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Hazardous Item Procurements
What you need to know to order chemicals or hazardous materials:

1)  The only chemical that is not a Hazardous Material is tap water.  If you are ordering any kind of chemical item -- including stock metals that will be machined -- you are ordering a Hazardous Material.

2)  There are a couple of restrictions on ordering Hazardous Materials.
For example, purchases of lead or asbestos require ORNL approval.  If you want to purchase any kind of beryllium, please talk with Sandra Kennedy first. 

3)  Before you spend your money, check for chemicals or hazardous materials available FREE OF CHARGE!  Ask Charlie Havener to check for you or go on the web to the Chemical Management Center

Note that chemicals cannot be identified through the CMC site as of  December 2007 due to the HMMIS system that came on line in the fall.  This is hopefully a temporary situation.

4)  To order a Hazardous Material, you need to know the record ID number, or RECID, of the material.  This is the number assigned by ORNL to the MSDS for the chemical. 
MSDS can be found at this link.

Use the Material/Synonym function and enter the chemical you are looking for in the 'Material Name/Synonyms' field. The number to the left of the chemical you are interested in is the RECID number. To obtain the MSDS, click on the chemical name and a table with all MSDSs available for that chemical is displayed.  Obtain the MSDS by clicking on one of the manufacturer links.

*** Change Hazardous from 'no' to 'yes' and enter the RECID and HMMIS Control Area number before submitting purchase order request.  If you have already submitted, to change:
A. Select the Form html attachment in the email you received
B. Make necessary changes and submit again.

5)  To order a Hazardous Material, you need to know your HMMIS Control Area number.  Note that a control area number has been established for each facility for ordering gas cylinders.

Please contact Mark Bannister, HMMIS Point of Contact for the Physics Division, for a list of all HMMIS areas in the Division.