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Physics Division ESH Bulletins

Bulletin NumberBulletin Topic
1994-01 Asbestos
1994-02 Waste Generated in Radioactive Material Storage Areas and/or Radiological Areas
1994-03 Printed Circuit Boards
1994-04 Medical Waste Sharps
1994-05 Spent Batteries, Proper Disposal (RETIRED, refer to ESH Bulletin 2007-02)
1994-06 Cardboard is Recyclable
1995-01 Ozone Depleting Substances
1995-02 A Gambler's View of Corrective Actions
1995-03 Cardiac Pacemakers and Electromagnetic Interference (RETIRED, refer to ESH Bulletin 2004-11)
1995-04 Kevlar/Mylar Window Failure at Accelerator
1995-05 Precious Metals
1995-06 Radiological Event Reports (RER)
1995-07 Fluke Meters, Dangerous Defect
1995-08 General Employee Training Changes (DELETED)
1995-09 Lightbulbs
1995-10 Aerodag G Aerosol Ruptures
1995-11 RP Surveys, Save Money
1996-01 Liquid Nitrogen Dewar Explodes
1996-02 Fall Protection, Red Alert, R-1966-OR-LMESCENT-0201
1996-03 Rental Trucks
1996-04 Clean Air Act Title V Requirements for Degreasers/Parts Washers (RETIRED, refer to ESH Bulletin 2005-03)
1996-05 Staplers, Swingline Model 67 Electric Staplers
1997-01 X-rays, Potential Employee Exposure at LBNL
1997-02 Contamination from Radioactive Gas at BNL
1998-01 Radiological Work Permit Dose Rates Exceeded at Rocky Flats
1998-02 Edison Circuits Pose Safety Hazard
1998-03 Beryllium Oxide Exposure at LLNL
1998-04 Care and Use of Ladders (RETIRED, refer to ESH Bulletin 2002-3)
1998-05 Your Responsibilities When Working at Physics Division Facilities
1998-06 Cardiac Pacemakers and Electromagnetic Interference (RETIRED, refer to ESH Bulletin 2004-11)
1998-07 Access Control Problems at Brookhaven National Laboratory
1999-01 Gas Regulator Fails Inspection
1999-02 Operational Imperatives: Not Just for Managers
1999-03 Chemical Import and Export Requirements for Certification and Notification Under Toxic Substances Control Act and U.S. Customs
1999-04 Laser Interlock Bypassed in Violation of Operating Procedure at BNL
1999-05 Nuclear Materials (RETIRED, refer to ESH Bulletin 2004-10)
1999-06 Contamination Event in Physics Division
1999-07 Laser Safety
1999-08 P-AAA, Radiological Facilities and the Quality Rule
2000-01 Maintenance of “Yellow-Tagged Equipment
2000-02 Nuclear Materials (RETIRED, refer to ESH Bulletin 2004-10)
2000-03 Confined Spaces (RETIRED, refer to ESH Bulletin 2011-02)
2001-01 Tripp Lite Surge Suppressor
2001-02 Manual Material Handling Tasks Involving Lifts (RETIRED)
2001-03 Eye and Face Protection Chart (replaced, refer to ESH Bulletin 2011-03)
2001-04 Off-Site Work
2002-01 Wear Your TLD/Badge
2002-02 Training Rule (RETIRED, refer to ESH Bulletin 2004-6)
2002-03 Ladder Safety
2002-04 Laser Pointer Safety
2002-05 Radiological Self Assessments
2002-06 Personal Protective Equipment, Disposable Lab Coats
2002-07 Interlocks, Temporary Disablement of Safety-Related Interlocks
2002-08 Parking Lot and Traffic Flow Issue Updated (RETIRED)
2002-09 Personal Protective Equipment, Side Shields Required for Safety Glasses
2003-01 Abnormal Event Response
2003-02 Compressed Gases Security Alert (from Matheson Tri-Gas)
2003-03 Battery Recycling (RETIRED, refer to ESH Bulletin 2007-02)
2003-04 Radioactive Material Inventory Guideline
2003-05 Training Rule (RETIRED, refer to ESH Bulletin 2004-6)
2004-01 Offices, Safety Guidelines
2004-02 Lead Shielding
2004-03 Vacuum System Safety
2004-04 Personal Protective Equipment and Eating and Drinking in Labs
2004-05 Expectations for Radiological Workers (RETIRED, see ESH Bulletin 2008-02)
2004-06 Training Rule, Revision 2
2004-07 Changes in the Scope of Work that Require Research Safety Summary Modifications and/or End Station Reviews
2004-08 Access Requirements for Controlled-Entry Areas (RETIRED, see ESH Bulletin 2008-01)
2004-09 Cooling Towers, Guidance for Working In, On, or Around
2004-10 Nuclear Materials, Revision 2
2004-11 Cardiac Pacemakers and Electromagnetic Interference (Revision 1 of ESH Bulletin 1995-3)
2004-12 Hood Safety
2004-13 Power Tool Safety
2004-14 Electrical Accident Shuts Down SLAC
2004-15 ORNL Procurement Quick Report (QR)
2005-01 Hazardous Material Inventories (updated, refer to ESH Bulletin 2007-05)
2005-02 Lab Space Certification Instructions
2005-03 Clean Air Act Title V Requirements for Degreasers/Parts Washers ( Revision 1 of ESH Bulletin 1996-04)
2005-04 Children On-site
2005-05 Bottled water coolers: A word on cleaning (RETIRED)
2005-06 Training Rule, Revision 3
2006-01 General Safety Expectations for All Physical Sciences Directorate Laboratories
2006-02 Crane Inspections
2006-03 Physics Beryllium Protection Program
2007-01 Working with Hydrofluoric Acid Solutions
2007-02 Battery Recycling
2007-03 Radiological Survey Requirements
2007-04 Lead Safety Awareness
2007-05 Hazardous Material Inventories
2008-01 Access Requirements for Controlled-Entry Areas
2008-02 Expectations for Radiological Workers
2008-03 Radiological Barriers in Physics Division Facilities
2010-01 Hazardous Material Inventories
2010-02 Recycling Foam Peanuts (updated, refer to ESH Bulletin 2011-01
2010-03 Precious Metals
2011-01 Recycling Foam Peanuts
2011-02 Confined Space
2011-03 Eye and Face Protection Chart