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Fundamental Neutron Physics Beamline User's Guide

Contact Information


Phone #


Seppo Penttila

865-574-4737 (w)

865-356-9698 (c)

FnPB Visitor Host

Vince Cianciolo

865-574-4712 (w)

865-254-0876 (c)

Neutron Group Leader

Visitor Center



Lab Shift Superintendent



Sabine McNulty

Lynda Saddiq



Administrative assistance

Jessica Rose


Training contact

Computer Helpline



ORNL Weather


Inclement weather info


User Classifications

If you do not know which classification you will fall under, contact your host.

Required User Information and Processing Time

Physics Division is part of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory which is operated by UT-Battelle, LLC, for the U.S. Department of Energy. We, therefore, have fairly strict rules we must follow when others come for visits. There are no exceptions to these rules!

New users: Please send e-mail to Seppo Penttila to request user status. Note: we will need some time to process the required paperwork: a minimum of 5 working days to process user requests from non-US citizens, and a minimum of 15 working days to process requests from citizens of DOE sensitive countries.

Returning users: Please send e-mail to Seppo Penttila and Sabine McNulty with the dates of your expected visit.

Visa Information

The U.S. Department of State provides information on travel to the U.S. Note that in some cases in may take several months to get a visa. Note also that the Visa Waiver Program (27 countries) requires machine readable passports or you must have a visa. Go to the above link for the latest official information.

If you are participating in an experiment or expect to get reimbursed by ORNL you MUST enter the U.S. under a BUSINESS-TYPE VISA. Tourists cannot conduct business or receive money at ORNL.

Arriving at ORNL

Please plan to arrive at ORNL while the Visitor Center is open (Monday-Friday 7:00-17:00). The badging process usually takes 5-10 minutes. You will need to bring identification when you come to ORNL: U.S. citizens will need a photo-ID such as a driver's license. Non-US citizens will need to bring a passport and visa.

You will not be allowed to stay in the Physics Division dormitory unless you have been badged, so you will need to make other lodging arrangements if you will be arriving outside these hours or on a weekend. Note: it is possible to stay at the ORNL guesthouse (near the SNS) even if you arrive after the Visitor Center is closed (although you will need to make reservations in advance). See Lodging Information, below.

For general information about visiting ORNL, please read Visitor Information on ORNL's public website.

Lodging Information

·       PHYSICS DIVISION DORMITORY: The Physics Division has a dormitory with a total of 12 rooms available free of charge. The dormitory has a common kitchen and restrooms/showers. The normal maximum stay is two weeks, but exceptions are possible. Contact Jessica Rose (865) 574-4576 for further information.


·       ORNL GUEST HOUSE: Onsite accommodations are available at the ORNL Guest House, located just a short walk away from the Spallation Neutron Source and within a five-minute drive of any part of the Laboratory. The Guest House is a three-story, 47-room, 71-bed facility. All rooms have a mini fridge and microwave.


·       OFFSITE LODGING: Local phone numbers and location of the principal hotels and motels in Oak Ridge are given here. This is not a comprehensive list nor do we favor one establishment over another. Typical room rates are between 85-100 USD per night single occupancy. Non-smoking rooms are available.


Other accommodations may be obtained in the area. If a Knoxville location is more desirable, West Knoxville has good access to ORNL.

Getting Around Without a Car

·       ON SITE TAXI: Taxi service inside the ORNL facilities is available from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday – Friday by calling, 865-680-2303 or 865-680-9800. The ORNL taxi service is not available on week-end & holidays.


·       COMMERCIAL TAXI: Any commercial taxi service can transport you between offsite locations and either the Guest House or Visitor Center. The on-site taxi service (above) must used for movement between buildings on the ORNL site. Although it is not required, if your arrival/departure is during standard working hours, please call the Visitor Center (865-574-7199) with the name of your taxi service and driver.


·       BICYCLING: Many employees choose to ride their bikes to work. Before cycling to or around the Laboratory, please read the ORNL rules and regulations.


ORNL and regional maps and directions can be found here.

Visitor Wireless Network

Access to the internet is straightforward for visitors – information can be found here.

Dining / Things To Do

The Neutron Sciences User Page has an excellent collection of information on shopping, dining and regional entertainment.


There are two on-site cafeterias, one on the main campus, near the Visitor Center, and one on the 1st floor of the SNS. Food is available from 6:30-9:30 (breakfast) and 10:45-1:15 (lunch). NOTE: The cafeterias are closed on week-ends and holidays.


Information about jogging and bicycling on-site, along with information about on-site fitness centers is available here.

For questions/comments about this page please contact Vince Cianciolo.

This file last modified February 5, 2015.