High-Energy Reactions Group

Welcome to the WWW pages of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory High-Energy Reactions Group (HERG). HERG is a section of Physics Division conducting research in the areas of high-energy nuclear and particle physics. For more details on the physics being addressed please look at the charge.

This home page provides access to a variety of information and services related to the activity of HERG. All questions and comments about the following information or any potential corrections of the same should be addressed to vince@mail.phy.ornl.gov

  Group Members

Scientific Staff:
Terry Awes, Vince Cianciolo, Franz Plasil, Ken Read, Soren Sorensen, Paul Stankus, Glenn Young
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  General Information


The following is a list of the experiments in which the High-Energy Reactions Group is currently involved and a description of HERG's participation.
Please note that this document is in a continual process of development. Changes and extensions are likely to be made.