RMS Focal Plane

RMS Focal Plane
The recoil mass spectrometer (RMS) focal plane may be located at varying distance from the last RMS focussing element according to the experiment's requirements. It is anticipated that most experiments will be satisfied with a focal plane distance of approximately 43 or 93 cm. The choice of these distances will result in changes of magnification and ion trajectories.

The current layout of the beam line at the focal plane consists of an 20.3 cm to 30.5 cm diameter flange, a removable 30.5 cm diameter, 50 cm spacer, and a large chamber with dimensions 38.1 x 70.9 x 43.4 cm. (HxWxL). The chamber will have a removable back flange so that other devices such as an ionization chamber may be added. All parts will be mounted on platforms attached to rails which should allow rapid changes or repairs to experimental equipment.

The PSAC will be housed in the large chamber and will be situated directly over two 300 l/s turbomolecular vacuum pumps. Four ports are available upstream for a slit system to collimate the focal plane should it become necessary. Two ports reserved for vacuum gauges are on either side of the PSAC housing.

This system is being built by ORNL.

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