HRIBF Users Group

HRIBF Users Group

Report of the HRIBF Users Workshop:
HRIBF, Upgrade for the FRIB Era
held November 13-14, 2009 in support of a proposed 70-MeV cyclotron for HRIBF.

The HRIBF Users Group consists of nearly 500 scientists, engineers, and students interested in radioactive ion beam physics. This group supports HRIBF's science program; participation in actual experiments is not a requirement to be a member. The group is organized around a charter (Revised 2003) and has an executive committee (UEC) which conducts the groups business.

To become a member, simply visit HRIBF or fill out the on-line registration form.

A brief history of the HRIBF was written by former Scientific Director R. L. Robinson in the mid-90's.

Together with the Joint Institute for Heavy Ion Research the users group holds periodic workshops. Visit the workshop webpage to see what is coming up next.

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