UNISOR --- University Isotope Separator at Oak Ridge

The UNISOR isotope separator facility is composed of a target/ion source station on-line to the 25 MeV tandem accelerator, a 90-degree mass separation magnet having a mass resolution of m/dm = 2000, and three experimental endstations. The three endstations include: the collinear laser/fast beam spectroscopy facility, for the study of nuclear hyperfine structure; the low temperature nuclear orientation facility, furnished with an on-line He-3/He-4 dilution refrigerator, for determining nuclear magnetic moments and multipole transition properties; and a conventional spectroscopy endstation equipped with a moving tape system for elucidating low-spin nuclear state following slow decay processes (e.g., alpha, beta).

The UNISOR facility has been used to study decay properties of nuclei far from stability, and more recently to study the operational behavior of ion source/target combinations and target release properties for the RIB project. The operational characteristics of the target/ion source, specifically its chemical selectivity and thick (several mg/cm**2) target capabilities, may make viable certain RIB physics experiments using the available UNISOR experimental equipment.

This information was last updated on July 21, 2000.
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