Moving Tape Collector (MTC)

A flexible tape transport system may be used to catch recoiling nuclei after they have been mass identified at the focal plane PSAC. The tape is 35 mm photographic film although other types of tape (eg. thinner tape for charged-particle emission) may be used. Initially, one mass will be collected and transported by the tape through 1.75 inch diameter tubing. The tubing may be variable length depending on the experiment and may have several counting stations along the way. The tape is stored in a cartridge much like a ribbon on a printer. The stepping motor will be computer controlled and will be able to run as fast as 10 m/s. The overall set-up will be on wheels and special modules will be constructed for "standard" experiments. Typical experiments involve gamma-ray detection following beta-decay, conversion electron measurements, and charged-particle spectroscopy. Future development projects involve the collection of several masses and simultaneous counting.

This system is being built by Louisiana State University.

This information was last updated on July 21, 2000.
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