Pair spectrometer

A pair spectrometer is available for use with the tape transport system at the recoil mass spectrometer focal plane. It consists of two silicon detectors between which the thin tape may travel. Some nuclear de-excitations, such as transitions between two 0+ states, are forbidden to proceed via gamma-ray emission. In these instances, electric monopole transitions proceed through the emission of an atomic electron. Internal pair formation can compete with these transitions, particularly when the excitation energy is high and the atomic number is low. The spectrometer will increase the probability that the E0 decays between 0+ states can then be observed. In addition, the compact system would allow two Ge detectors to be positioned close to the tape ensuring large solid angle coverage. It may also be possible to place this device inside a large Ge array.

This system is available from Louisiana State University.

This information was last updated on July 21, 2000.
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