Multichannel Plate Detector (MCP)

A multichannel plate plus foil detector has been developed for use at the achromatic focal plane. This detector is position sensitive covering at least 5 cm x 5 cm and is able to run at much higher count rates than the position sensitive avalanche counter (PSAC. The detector consists of two channel plates with a resistive anode for position information. Mounted parallel to an aluminized plastic foil (approximately 125 ug/cm2) electrons are emitted when an ion passes through the foil. The electrons are accelerated to the channel plate by an electric field and guided by a magnetic field generated by a permanent magnet located behind the detector. Due to space constraints, the foil is mounted at 60o with respect to the beam direction. Position information degrades at high count rates but should be maintained at rates exceeding 25 kHz. The timing signal for this detector has been successfully used at rates exceeding 150 kHz. Higher rates should be possible. At such rates, the detector should be operated in coincidence with other detectors for inclusion into the data acquisition.

This detector may also be used in front of the target station and act a beam counter for low intensity beams. The foil can be repositioned out of the beam without breaking vacuum.

This information was last updated on September 2, 2000.
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