HRIBF Call for Proposals - PAC-14

HRIBF Call for Proposals - PAC-14
Information for PAC-14 (may be updated in future).

Proposal due date: December 10, 2007 (9 am EST)

PAC-14 is scheduled for January 10-11, 2008.

The HRIBF will accept proposals for consideration at the next meeting of the Program Advisory Committee at any time. A list of radioactive ion beams and their intensities is available. The Program Advisory Committee will consider and prioritize proposals for any of the many radioactive ion beams now available for research.

HRIBF must receive your proposal an an email attachment on or before the submission deadline. We use electronic submission in order to save costs and to accelerate the processing of the proposals. The review process will proceed almost immediately after the deadline. Proposals received after the deadline may be held for the following period. HRIBF will review the proposals for safety and feasibility and may be in contact with the spokespersons before the PAC meeting. The proposals will remain confidential although some statistics concerning number, participants, affiliations, types of experiments, etc., may be made public. Following the PAC meeting, only the accepted proposals may be made public. Upon acceptance, instructions will be sent to the spokespersons and will be posted on our WWW site.

A properly submitted proposal consists of a proposal submission form which may be filled out and saved as a file from our WWW site and a recommended maximum of 5 pages (excluding figures) describing the experiment, the physics to be addressed, and the significance of the experiment. Supporting calculations including assumptions of beam currents or dose rates, efficiencies, and counting rates are required. In the case of RIBs, you must include a statement about your tolerance of isobaric contamination of the beam. Additional information concerning proposal submission may be found at our proposal guidelines web page.

Proposals (with or without the results from the propose experiment form) must be sent to as an email attachment in portable data format (pdf).

As always, proposals involving stable ion beam (SIB) will be accepted on the basis of the criteria:

  • SIBs used to produce in-flight RIBs
  • SIBs in support of RIB experiments (calibration, system debugging, systematic studies, etc.)
  • SIBs used to develop new techniques or equipment (usually destined for RIB experiments)
  • SIBs that take advantage of unique capabilities of HRIBF
  • SIB experiments beneficial to the facility in order to maintain productivity
Experiments using RIBs have scheduling priority over those using SIBs. However, a fixed schedule may be made periodically available for outside users who cannot be expected to run on short notice.

Experiments at our facility are usually for fundamental research. All results from your research should be intended for publication in scientific journals. By submitting a proposal to HRIBF you certify that the technology associated with your proposal does not involve any activities prohibited by the United States Departments of Commerce or State as follows:

  • Military, space craft, satellites, missilies, and/or their associated hardware, software, or technical data;
  • Nuclear reactors and components, nuclear material enrichment equipment, components (trigger list), and/or their associated hardware, software, or technical data;
  • Encryption above 128 bit software (source and object code);
  • Weapons of mass destruction or their precursors (nuclear, chemical, and biological).
If you believe your experiment might fall with any of the above parameters, contact us and a review of your proposal will be performed.

A summary of the important dates
Call issued October 2, 2007
Submission deadline December 10, 2007 (changed from Dec. 3)
Meeting of the PAC January 10-11, 2008
Spokespersons informed of PAC decisions January 30, 2008
Beginning of scheduling period March 1, 2008
Approximate time to next PAC January 2009

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