HRIBF PAC Membership

HRIBF PAC Membership

The Program Advisory Committee (PAC) reviews and recommends proposals for experiments at HRIBF. It meets approximately every 12 months.

Present PAC Membership

B. B. Back Argonne National Laboratory 2009-present
J. C. Blackmon Louisiana State University 2005-present
P. A. Butler, chair University of Liverpool 2005-present
A. O. Macchiavelli Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 2005-present
B. M. Sherrill Michigan State University 2006-present
Jens Dilling TRIUMF 2010-present
I. J. Thompson Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 2009-present

Present Ex-officio Membership

J. R. Beene (HRIBF Director) Oak Ridge National Laboratory
W. Nazarewicz (HRIBF Scientific Director) University of Tennessee - Oak Ridge National Laboratory
C. J. Gross (Secretary) Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Previous PAC Membership

A. C. Shotter TRIUMF/ University of Edinburgh 2003-2009
R. V. F. Janssens Argonne National Laboratory 2002-2008
W. Loveland Oregon State University 2002-2008
J. C. Hardy Texas A&M University 1999-2005
J. Äystö University of Jyväskylä 2000-2005
C. Baktash Oak Ridge National Laboratory 2000-2004
M. Wiescher University of Notre Dame 2000-2004
I. Y. Lee Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 1999-2002
N. Koller Rutgers University 1999-2002
J. J. Kolata University of Notre Dame 1999-2002
S. M. Austin Michigan State University 1994-1998
W. Gelletly University of Surrey 1994-1998
W. Nazarewicz University of Tennessee 1994-1998
P. D. Parker Yale University 1994-1998
J. R. Beene Oak Ridge National Laboratory 1994-1997
R. F. Casten Brookhaven National Laboratory / Yale 1994-1997
R. M. Diamond Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 1994-1997
W. C. Haxton University of Washington 1994-1997

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