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8. HRIBF Strategic Plan
(C. J. Gross, HRIBF User Liaison)

The HRIBF strategic plan has been placed on our website. This document was originally created at the request DOE as part of our annual Science and Technology Review. The document undergoes periodic modifications as a result of the scientific progress in our field as well as the future outlook for the facility. The plan outlines the research HRIBF is currently involved with and where we think that research will take us. It represents what our users tell us about their use of the facility. The wide dissemination of the plan is meant to be inclusive and to allow collaborators to come together to work on specific research topics or experimental devices. It is also intended to inform users of potential upgrades to the facility and the expected resources and timelines. The plan has been shared and discussed with the HRIBF Users Group Executive Committee as well as the HRIBF Science Policy Committee. Feel free to send and comments or suggestions about the plan to our Scientific Director, Witek Nazarewicz.

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