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9. PAC-15 and Call for Proposals
(C. J. Gross, HRIBF User Liaison)

The Program Advisory Committee meeting (PAC-15) has been scheduled for July 22-23, 2009. Two new members have been added to this committee. Birger Back from Argonne National Laboratory and Ian Thompson from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have replaced Robert Janssens and Walt Loveland. We are grateful for the service that Robert and Walt have given to the facility and look forward to working with Birger and Ian. Proposals for PAC-15 are due June 15, 2009. This PAC will accept proposals which may run on the new IRIS-2 platform. IRIS-2 is our second RIB delivery station and is expected to be available for use at the start of FY10. All current ion sources are compatible with this platform. In FY11 we expect availability of the first beams to be purified with laser dissociation. Laser techniques will only be available on IRIS-2. Information necessary for PAC-15 may be found in the original Call for Proposals and in the Information for PAC-15 web pages.

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