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RA4. User Group News

The HRIBF Users Group met on October 11, 2007, in Newport News at the Fall Meeting of the DNP. More than 110 people attended the meeting which was held jointly with the ATLAS, NSCL, GAMMASPHERE/GRETINA, and RIA Users groups and sponsored by HRIBF, ATLAS, and NSCL. Our portion was hosted by UEC chair Art Champagne. Carl Gross gave the facility update, Noemie Benczer-Koller (Rutgers) presented recent transient field data taken on the g factor of the first 2+ state in 132Te, and Alfredo Galindo-Uribarri summarized the previous day's Electron Drivers for Radioactive Ion Beams Workshop. Our plans for upgrading the facility including an electron driver to produce intense beams of neutron-rich isotopes from fission of uranium may be found on our website.

The Users Executive Committee met via telephone on January 30, 2008 and elected Walt Loveland to chair this year's committee. The meeting consisted of facility, equipment, and upgrade project reports as well as a discussion of how the this year's budget will affect HRIBF. In addition, it was reported that the beam specialists (Dan Stracener and Tony Mendez) are in place and working to improve beam delivery. The next users workshop will be a workshop on science applications and cross disciplinary fields at HRIBF. Walt Loveland and Alfredo Galindo-Uribarri have agreed to organize the workshop. In order to highlight our work in these fields, we are putting together new web pages. Dates for the workshop have not been set but will probably occur toward the end of 2008.

Later this year, we will hold an election to replace Walt Loveland and Robert Grzywacz on the committee. They have served for four years and will help select two candidates to replace each of them. We encourage you to contact them with any suggestions you may have. The current committee members may be found on our website. The rules of the election are given in the charter; you are reminded of passage 3.4 below:

In order to ensure the diversity of the Executive Committee, the nominating committee will select two members to compete for the seat of each outgoing committee member. The slate of candidates will be presented to the Users Group and additional nominations from the entire Users Group will be solicited for at least three weeks. Additional nominations are made by sending to the nominating committee at least 10 statements of support and identifying the seat of the outgoing committee member.

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