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9. HRIBF and the GRETINA Workshop held in October 2007
(C. -H. Yu and D. C. Radford)

A GRETINA/GRETA Physics Working Group workshop was held on October 14 and 15, 2007, at the University of Richmond immediately following the Fall DNP meeting in Newport News.

At the workshop, it was agreed that GRETINA will be assembled, tested, and commissioned at LBNL and then it will be rotated among the national laboratories ANL, ORNL and MSU. The workshop also discussed in detail the physics opportunities at each laboratory and unanimously agreed on GRETINA's first rotation cycle, which will be physics campaigns of approximately 6 months duration at each of the following labs and in the order of:

1. MSU
2. ORNL (contingent on IRIS-2 being fully functional)
3. ANL (contingent on CARIBU being fully functional)

In the letter that HRIBF submitted to the GRETINA Advisory Committee, it was emphasized that the combination of GRETINA with radioactive beams available at the HRIBF will allow the community to address critical questions at the frontier of nuclear structure and nuclear astrophysics in a unique and powerful way, and will significantly enhance the productivity of the HRIBF research program.

Details of the report from GRETINA/GRETA Workshop can be found at the GRETINA website.

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