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13. Report of the 2006 DNP Fall Meeting in Nashville
(D. Dean)

The Annual Meeting of the American Physical Society's Division of Nuclear Physics was held in Nashville at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel during 25-28 October 2006. The DNP was locally organized by ORNL staff, Jeff Blackmon, David Dean (co-chair), David Radford, Glenn Young, and Vanderbilt faculty members Victoria Greene (chair), Joe Hamilton, Charles Maguire, Volker Oberacker, A.V. Ramayya, Sait Umar, and Julia Velkovska. The meeting was well attended.

The meeting consisted of a plenary session as well as parallel, invited and contributed sessions and several minisymposia. The plenary speakers were W.A. Zajc, "Fundamental Investigations in QCD", G. Cates, "The JLab Physics Program Today and with the 12 GeV Upgrade", W.E. Ormand, "Toward a Deeper Understanding of the Nucleus with Exotic Nuclei", and S. Freedman, "How nuclear physics is helping us get beyond the Standard Model". These speakers gave forward looking talks that led into a discussion of the Long Range Plan Activities taking place in 2007.

The meeting was preceded by three workshops that were held on Wednesday, October 25. One all-day workshop was entitled Exotic nuclei: from the laboratory to the cosmos. The organizers were David Dean, Jeff Blackmon, Joe Hamilton, and Volker Oberacker. A second workshop ran parallel to the first and was entitled Properties and signatures of sQGP. The third workshop, Spin structure of the nucleon, was in the afternoon only. These latter two workshops were organized by Julia Velkovska and Charles Maguire from Vanderbilt. The DNP Business Meeting was held on Friday afternoon following the afternoon parallel sessions. Users group and other satellite meetings were held Thursday evening.

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