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11. Astrophysics Workshop Held in October 2006 at HRIBF
(D. W. Bardayan )

A workshop was held October 23-24, 2006 at the ORNL Holifield Radioactive Ion Beam Facility on Nuclear Measurements for Astrophysics. The purpose of the workshop, hosted by the HRIBF users' executive committee and the Joint Institute for Heavy Ion Research, was to bring together scientists who wish to study nuclear astrophysics with radioactive beams, to acquaint participants with HRIBF's beams and experimental facilities available for such experimental studies, and to foster collaborative efforts between participants. The radioactive beams available from the HRIBF span a large range of neutron- and proton-rich isotopes at energies suitable for studies of a wide variety of important and interesting astrophysical phenomena such as novae, supernovae, and X-ray bursts.

Participation in the workshop was outstanding with approximately 75 scientists from North America and Europe attending. The presentations are available for viewing at the workshop website.

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