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10. RIA Summer School to be Held at HRIBF
(C. J. Gross, HRIBF Scientific Liaison)

The fifth annual RIA Summer School will be held at HRIBF July 17-23, 2006. The school is organized by the HRIBF, ATLAS, 88-inch Cyclotron Facility, N-division/LLNL, and NSCL and rotates among four of the five laboratories (except LLNL). Between 40 to 50 students are expected to attend lectures in the morning and take part in hands-on demonstrations of experimental equipment and techniques in the afternoon. Time will also be provided for the students to present their research projects. The school hopes to raise sufficient funds so that all local expenses will be covered by the school. For more information go to the school website at

The timing of the school was chosen so that students may also attend the Nuclear Structure 2006 conference which will also be in Oak Ridge the following week.

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