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Message from the outgoing Users Executive Committee chair (2005), Uwe Greife:

Dear friends and users of the Holifield Radioactive Ion Beam Facility,

My year as chair of the User's Executive Committee saw many technical challenges at HRIBF, which eventually were overcome and promise to lead to more stable operating conditions of the facility. Budgetary constraints imposed on both facility and university researchers will prove to be more difficult to accommodate.

Nevertheless, several successful radioactive ion beam campaigns (notably 7Be) were run and the continued strong interest of outside users in the facility was evident at the two Program Advisory Committee meetings held in 2005. With input from the Strategic Planning Committee and the User's Executive Committee a Strategic Plan for HRIBF is currently being developed, which will provide more planning security for outside users.

We hope to further foster close interactions between outside users and the Holifield staff by continuing the series of small workshops on selected research topics on radioactive ion beam physics. This year "Fusion Reactions" were covered, while in 2006 "Nuclear Astrophysics" will take center stage again.

Only close interaction between university users and laboratory staff can guarantee a lively scientific community at this National User's Facility. It was good to see that the staff at HRIBF is fully committed towards this goal.


Uwe Greife
(Colorado School of Mines)

Message from the new Users Executive Committee chair (2006), Robert Grzywacz:

Dear HRIBF Users,

Now that 2006 has begun, I am honored to take over as chair of the HRIBF Users Committee. 2005 proved to be a relatively busy year for our previous chair prof. Uwe Greife, from Colorado School of Mines, and on behalf of all users I would like to thank him for his work. I will try to represent you to the best of my abilities.

As a HRIBF user and a professor at the neighboring University of Tennessee I have the privilege of interacting with the facility staff on a daily basis which makes me very aware of the challenges facing our colleagues on both sides of the fence: the ambitious user and the overworked staff member. I know, that the local staff is working really hard to provide more reliable delivery of radioactive beams. I hope the 2006 will be a good year despite very difficult fiscal situation for the facility. With the recent completion of High Power Target Laboratory (HPTL) and starting of the IRIS-2 project, HRIBF is reaching maturity as an ISOL type RIB laboratory, that should translate into scientific opportunities for us HRIBF Users. In the 2006 I wish you many successful experiments at Oak Ridge.

Robert Grzywacz (University of Tennessee),
Chair, Users Executive Committee

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