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5. HPTL and IRIS2 Status Update
(B. A. Tatum)

The High Power Target Laboratory (HPTL) upgrade of HRIBF is proceeding well, although there have been several challenges. Facility modifications were scheduled to be completed by the end of December, but that effort will now extend a few weeks into 2005. NEC has delivered the new high voltage platform system, and installation will begin in late January after the Target Room is completed. ORIC beam line magnets are also scheduled to ship from Sigma Phi in early January. Procurement issues caused the magnet contract to be awarded later than anticipated, but the delay is not expected to affect the overall project completion schedule. The 90-degree low-energy RIB analysis magnet design is being finalized, and the schedule calls for delivery by the end of March. Overall, the project is still on budget and schedule, but the months ahead will be extremely busy for our staff as we focus on installation, testing, and commissioning of the beamlines, platform system, and target station. The DOE Office of Nuclear Physics (DOE-ONP) conducted an Annual Progress Review of the HPTL project in late September and the report was quite positive, concluding that "the completed project will provide unique capabilities to the national nuclear physics program."

A proposal was also submitted to DOE-ONP in September for an additional upgrade project known as IRIS2, or second Injector for Radioactive Ion Species. This approximately $4.7M, two-and-a-half-year upgrade project would result in a second RIB production station, thus providing improved facility reliability through much needed redundancy in our RIB generation and preparation systems. IRIS2 would be co-located with HPTL and include a first stage RIB analysis system located on a greatly expanded high voltage platform system, a beam transport line from the HPTL to the existing second stage isobar separator, and a laser lab relevant to laser ion sources and beam purification. The HPTL Review Panel was also tasked with evaluating the IRIS2 proposal for technical merit and significance. Feedback from that review was also very positive, and HRIBF has been directed to prepare a Project Management Plan by May 1 in preparation for a potential baseline review.

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