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RA4. HRIBF Users Group News
(C. J. Gross)

The HRIBF Users Group Executive Committee election was held in October and elected Robert Grzywacz (University of Tennessee) and Walt Loveland (Oregon State University). They took office this month and joined Uwe Greife (Colorado School of Mines) and David Radford (ORNL). We thank Ed Zganjar (Louisiana State University) and Paul Mantica (Michigan State University) for their service.

A conference call was held in December and Uwe Greife was elected chair for 2005. The other major item of business was the topic of this year's users workshop. We are planning on hosting a workshop on fusion-fission reactions in either late summer or fall of this year. Walt Loveland, Jim Kolata (Notre Dame), ORNL's Dan Shapira and Felix Liang comprise the organizing committee.

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