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9.The Fourth International Conference on Exotic Nuclei and Atomic Masses (ENAM) was held on September 12-16, 2004.
(C. J. Gross)

ENAM is a triennial international conference series devoted to the physics of nuclei far from stability and radioactive ion beams (RIB). RIB science is extremely broad and diverse. It spans the gamut from nuclear structure to astrophysics, tests of fundamental laws of nature, and myriad applications. ENAM'04 can trace its origins to the 1950s and 1960s with the Atomic Mass and Fundamental Constants (AMCO) and the Nuclei Far From Stability (NFFS) series of conferences. The Fourth Conference was held at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia; it was organized by the ORNL Physics Division.

The science program covered the topics of atomic masses, nuclear structure of exotic nuclei, reactions with radioactive ion beams, clusters and nuclear driplines, nuclear astrophysics, heavy elements, nuclear fission, and production of radioactive ion beams and applications. The program consisted of over 33 hours and 45 minutes of oral presentations and more than 160 poster presentations over two sessions. There were no parallel sessions, and ample time was provided for collaborative discussions as well as relaxation in the gardens.

The conference received more than 280 abstracts (including invited presentations) from which 130 oral presentations were selected; 43 of which were 5-minute oral advertisements (oral-posters) for their posters. The talks were broken down into:

36 invited talks of 25 or 30 minutes
48 contributed talks of 15 or 20 minutes
1 contributed talk of 25 minutes
43 oral-posters of 5 minutes
2 welcome/summary

As a service to our community, oral presentations from the conference have been posted on the web. The abstracts of the poster contributions are also available. The proceedings will be published in The European Physical Journal A direct, and will be available on-line at no cost soon.

The conference received an initial registration of more than 350 possible participants. Of these, 280 attended representing 23 countries on 4 continents. The United States had the largest contingent with 45% of the participants. The participants came from the following countries: Belgium (6), Bulgaria (1), Brazil (2), Canada (11), Croatia (2), Denmark (2), Finland (12), France (14), Germany (23), India (2), Israel (2), Italy (7), Japan (28), Mexico (3), Netherlands (2), Poland (8), Russia (5), Spain (3), Sweden (2), Switzerland (8), Ukraine (2), United Kingdom (9), United States (126). The complete list of participants can be downloaded from the ENAM website.

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