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8. PAC-15 Results and PAC-16
(C. J. Gross)

PAC-15 met July 22-23, 2009, in Oak Ridge and considered 26 proposals and letters of intent which requested 371 shifts of radioactive beams (RIBs), 12 shifts of in-flight RIBs, 77 shifts of low intensity stable beams (SIB for RIBs), and 65 shifts of stable beams (SIBs). Of these, a total of 212 RIB shifts (57 long-lived isotopes), 6 in-flight RIB shifts, 63 SIB for RIB shifts, and 12 SIB shifts were approved.

Proposals accepted by HRIBF requested RIBs of 7,10Be, 17,18F, 59Fe, 56Ni, 73,74,77Cu, 81,82Zn, 83Ga, 85As, 130,132Sn, and 132Te. The total number of accepted proposals was 17; 13 of which were from outside organizations.

Ray Kozub, chair of the Users Executive Committee, represented the Users at the meeting. Alan Shotter's tenure on the HRIBF PAC has come to an end with PAC-15 and the facility thanks him for his service. He will be replaced by Jens Dilling of TRIUMF.

We anticipate PAC-16 to occur in late spring 2010.

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