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9. Improvements to User Access and Possible Future Changes
(C. J. Gross)

ORNL is attempting to improve user access to HRIBF and other ORNL User Facilities. Intermittent visitors, ie. most users, will begin receiving a "user entry pass" via email 7 days before arrival and completion of ORNL's Site Access Training (SAT). This pass will contain relevant information including the start date as well as contact information in case problems arise. A bar code will also be included which the guard at the portal will scan. It is anticipated that this will shorten the time spent at the portal.

The user entry pass is optional; it is not required for entry so don't panic if it is lost or damaged. Our hope is that time spent with the guards at the portal will be minimized. Remember that proper photo ID is still required at the checkpoint, and foreign nationals will still need to present their passport and visa at the Visitor Center.

There is also a draft DOE order 142.3 pertaining to Unclassified Foreign Visits and Assignments. We are working with National User Facility Organization and others to provide comments and suggestions for improving the order. If these efforts are successful, we anticipate more improvements regarding HRIBF access to users in the future.

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