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RA4. User Group News

It is time to hold the biennial election for the Users Executive Committee. The nomination committee (Walt Loveland, Robert Grzywacz, and Witek Nazarewicz) has selected the slate of candidates below.

2008 Nominations
Seat Candidates
Walt Loveland
Oregon State University
Jim Kolata
University of Notre Dame
Ray Kozub
Tennessee Technological University
Robert Grzywacz
University of Tennessee
Sean Liddick
University of Tennessee and
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Jeff Winger
Mississippi State University

Additional nominations may be submitted from the users group at-large by collecting the support of 10 members and forwarding the name of the nominee to Carl Gross at Deadline for at-large nominations is October 10. More information may be found in the Users Group Charter or by contacting Carl Gross. The candidate receiving the most votes for a given seat will take office January 1 and serve for 4 years.

The HRIBF will hold its annual Users Group Meeting at this year's DNP meeting in Oakland, CA, on Friday evening, October 24. As in the past, this meeting will be held jointly with the ATLAS, NSCL, GAMMASPHERE/GRETINA, and RIA Users groups. The meeting is scheduled to start at 7 pm with HRIBF going first. Each group will have 20 minutes. We hope you will be able to join us in Oakland.

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