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4. Update of the IRIS2 Project
(B. A. Tatum, Spokesperson)

The Annual Progress Review for the IRIS2 project was held in April. All technical and management aspects of the project were favorably reviewed with only one recommendation: to submit change requests discussed at the review. Funding delays in two consecutive years have necessitated the request for changes to the funding profile, and delay of major project milestones including the project completion date. In the original project baseline, all project funds ($4,735K) were to have been received early in fiscal year 2008. Presently, $635K of project funds are now delayed until FY 2009 and thus the completion date has been moved from February 28, 2009 to September 30, 2009.

Technical progress on the IRIS2 Project has been good during the reporting period. All of the major beamline components for both the injector and transport beamlines have been received with the exception of the vacuum pumps which are due to arrive in late July. Assembly of injector beamline vacuum components is approximately 70% complete. Preparations have been made for tying in the transport beamline to existing beamline 12 (beamline from IRIS1 through the isobar separator). These activities have included relocation of piping, electrical circuits, and cable trays. Electrodes and vacuum chambers for both of the transport beamline spherical electrostatic deflectors have been received. The 35-degree deflector has been assembled, aligned, and tested and is now ready for installation. Assembly of the 90-degree deflector has begun. Installation activities will continue to be the primary focus during the remainder of the calendar, with beamline commissioning expected to begin early in calendar year 2009.

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