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4. What's New at HRIBF - Update on Injector for Radioactive Ion Species 2 (IRIS2)
(B. A. Tatum)

The IRIS2 Project remains on schedule and budget. The major effort in the facility modifications portion of the project during the reporting period was installation of the Target Room HVAC system (Fig.4-1), which was successfully completed in April. Support structure and the localized shield around the target ion source has been fully installed (Figs. 4-2 and 4-3). Long lead-time technical equipment components are beginning to arrive. National Electrostatics Corporation (NEC) delivered the injector beamline platform in June (Fig. 4-2), and the instrumentation platform (Fig. 4-4) was delivered in August. Field mapping of the first stage mass separator magnets (Fig. 4-5) was nearing completion at the end of June, and they are expected to arrive at ORNL by late August. Fabrication and testing of the four high voltage conduits was extremely successful, and they will also be installed in August. By the end of September, we expect to have both of the platform structures, the high voltage conduits, and the injector beamline dipole magnets installed.

Figure 4-1: Target Room (C112) HVAC System.

Figure 4-2: Installation of the Beamline Platform in C112.

Figure 4-3: The new localized shielding (yellow) around the target ion source on the Beamline Platform in C112.

Figure 4-4: Installation of the Instrumentation Platform in C113 and the installed high voltage conduits.

Figure 4-5: Injector beamline separator magnets prior to installation.

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