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7. HRIBF-GANIL Memorandum of Understanding Signed
(J. R. Beene)

On March 9, 2007, a group of scientists from GANIL visited ORNL to discuss possible collaborative and synergistic efforts related to radioactive isotope beam (RIB) production and research with RIBs. In addition to the discussions at HRIBF, various topics related to high-power linear accelerators and handling high-power beams were discussed with SNS staff. The team consisted of Sydney Gales, Director of GANIL; Marcel Jacquemet, Deputy Director and Project Leader for SPIRAL2; and Marek Lewitowicz, Scientific Coordinator of SPIRAL2.

The MoU signed at the end of the visit (see above photo) outlines a broad program of common interest in target development, ion source development, beam purification techniques, remote handling, research equipment, and possible synergies in development of SPIRAL2 and the as yet unfunded electron driver upgrade at HRIBF. Collaborative agreements such as this one can be of substantial value to HRIBF, providing us early access to developments elsewhere and helping us achieve faster implementation of our own innovative ideas.

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