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5. FY2007 S&T Review
(J. R. Beene)

A Science and Technology (S&T) Review of the HRIBF and its scientific program was held on June 11 and 12, 2007. Since the scientific program at HRIBF had been examined as part of the extensive national review of the Low-Energy Nuclear Physics Program in May 2007, the S&T Review concentrated on HRIBF operations. We expect a formal report on the S&T Review (and the Low-Energy Program Review) within a few weeks. At present we have only a set of bullets presented at closeout at the end of the review. It is inappropriate to discuss this unofficial feedback in any detail, but both facility and Physics Division management clearly see the results of the review as very favorable, based on this closeout document.

We must respond in writing to all Recommendations produced by the Review Committee. The "closeout bullets" presented only two recommendations: one deals with providing details of our plans for improving ORIC, and a second is concerned with development of performance measures for projected RIB campaigns. These will be discussed further when the formal report is received.

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